The Main Research Direction

P/M Basic Theory Research

  • Phase diagram calculating . component designing . morphology calculating of P/M materials
  • Microstructure calculating and controlling of P/M material
  • Processing theory and simulation
  • Properties designing of P/M materials
Applied Basic Research of P/M New Technology
  • The preparing principle of ultrafine . nanometer and composite powder
  • The principle of powder forming . sintering and full densification
The Preparing Principle and Properties Research of P/M New Materials Organizations
  • P/M structural material
  • P/M wear resistance and anti-friction material
  • P/M hard metal and super hard materials
  • Special ceramic products and C/C composites

Main Achievments

Since the establishment of the laboratory, the laboratory has undertakes lots of research projects in which the national projects are principal part, and has obtained many important achievments. They have either theoretical importance and potential applications for national defense and economy constructure. Such as :

During 95-98, 108 scientific research projects have been undertaken, 34 items have been awarded, including 7 state prize, 3 patent, 403 papers and 4 monograph are published.

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